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Learn to learn,

think and

communicate better

We tend to think that these are things that come naturally to us, however we can become even more efficient and creative in all these areas. By using various tools and processes, from speed reading and mind mapping, to lateral thinking and brushing up on your presentation skills, a little bit of training goes a long way.
Founder Toby Caldwell came to training in 2004, initially teaching accelerated learning techniques to school students before moving on to working within private and public sector organisations to offer a wide variety of training solutions. Since that time Square Hole Training has enabled thousands of people from all walks of life to unlock their full potential by learning how to think, learn and communicate more effectively.
We have worked extensively across UK and internationally (Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa) with experience of working with a diverse range of cultures in a variety of group sizes; from one-to-one business coaching, through to senior management training and keynote speeches.