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Powerful Presentations

Skills Training

The presentation skills course for professionals who need to present effectively and confidently

Develop your skills as a confident, powerful presenter and learn how to sustain audience rapport

  • Understanding your audience  Develop your ability to sustain audience rapport and use the skills required to communicate in a memorable influential manner. Your audience will be judging you on how competently you deliver your message, not just on the message itself.
  • Confidence and delivery  You will learn simple and effective techniques to manage your state of mind and build your confidence when speaking in public.
  • Structuring your presentation  A good presentation needs to be memorable, impactful and meaningful, learning how to structure your presentation can achieve this.
  • Feedback Becoming a master presenter is an ongoing learning process. The course has an effective system of feedback which will enable you to develop your current skills and practise your presentation techniques.

Key outcomes and benefits

  • Impact– Make a strong impact through clarity of outcomes and powerful messaging.
  • Save time Reduce preparation time significantly by using visual techniques to plan, communicate and remember the key points you must get across.
  • Confidence Be yourself and know how to deal with difficult members of your audience and those tricky questions we all dread!

Course Overview

Compact 1 day or comprehensive 2 day in-house course

Powerful Presentation Training is the course on public speaking for professionals who need to build strong presentation skills. Some people  – a few – are effortlessly good presenters, with no need for a course in public speaking. For the rest of us, formal presentations are challenging and stressful. But they don’t need to be!

This hands on, practical presentation training course will show you the secrets to becoming confident when speaking in public – developing skills which you will be able to use throughout your career…and your life.

You will learn simple but powerful techniques which will allow you to develop and use your own style and personality to deliver compelling messages to small and large audiences.

  • Mind set and delivery– Understand your style; get the right mind set; inject enthusiasm;  and passion.
  • Understand your audience– Make your message clear and impactful; identify potential opportunities and risks.
  • Define your message– Are you informing, persuading or appealing? Sell the benefits not the features of your idea, concept or product; know your outcome and stick to it.
  • Prepare a well structured presentation– Agree your key points; define a manageable structure; and use Mind Maps® for remembering and planning your key points.
  • Bring your presentation to life– Inject energy; use visual aids; and audience participation.
  • Take control– Take charge and control your audience.
  • Group discussion and feedback– Based upon you actually delivering a presentation, other attendees and the trainer will provide practical feedback for each delegate to take away.

In addition, the two day presentation skills course helps you to present with real clarity and impact whilst engaging your audience using your natural style and personality:

  • Add impact– through clarity of outcomes and powerful messaging.
  • Use visual aids– to support your presentation… and not be your presentation.
  • Difficult audiences and tricky questions– gain insights in how to deal with difficult members of your audience and those tricky questions we all dread.
  • Powerful presentations– deliver a truly powerful presentation which is recorded and yours to take away.

Good mix of theory and practice. Covered every area of presenting.

Electoral Commission

I found this course very informative and gained lots of knowledge

Jaguar & Land Rover

This course has given me new ideas that can be brought into the delivery process

Jaguar & Land Rover