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Fast Reading

and Super Memory

Learn how to absorb information efficiently.

Read faster, remember more and benefit from the uniquely effective mind mapping technique with this highly interactive course.

Do you need to master significant volumes of information?

Combining speed reading techniques and strategies, vital information about memory and an introduction to mind mapping, the course is perfect for anyone who needs to:

  • Read and absorb significant volumes of written material.
  • Remember and be able to recall information easily.
  • Combine different sources of information and perspectives – seeing both the detail and the big picture.

Key outcomes and benefits

Dramatically improved reading speeds – combined with strategies for flexing your approach to reading whilst maintaining high levels of comprehension.

Improve your memory – and recall of anything and everything that is read and studied.

Master mind mapping – learn how to use this versatile technique to enhance learning, thinking, planning, creativity and problem-solving – and much more.

Course Overview

Compact 1 day or comprehensive 2 day options

The unique Fast Reading and Super Memory course includes:

  • Awareness and Assessment of Reading Speed and Memory– Check current reading speed and understanding of the reading process. Check and raise the awareness of your memory!
  • The Brain, Thinking and Learning– How the brain works and its relevance for learning how to absorb information efficiently.
  • How the Eye Works– The mechanics of how the eye works in tandem with the brain.
  • Speed Reading Techniques– How to read faster and understand more.
  • Breaking Delusions– Challenging beliefs and assumptions about how to read efficiently and effectively.
  • Reading Environment and Strategies– Creating the ideal environment for reading and establishing different approaches for different reading material and objectives.
  • Mind Mapping– An introduction to this uniquely versatile system for making notes and helping memory.
  • Memory Principles and Rhythms – Understand how the memory works and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Continuing to Improve – Continue improving speed, comprehension and retention with hints and tips on the course. After the course each attendee gets access to an online portal providing a follow-up to the techniques learned, further hints and tips, plus other reminders and videos.

Loved the practical aspects of this course

London Business School

The course built skills in both memory and speed reading at pace

HM Prison service

I can see myself using the techniques used today both in my personal and professional life