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Improve Your

Memory Course

Memory training course – memory principles, rhythms and techniques to build the skills you’ve always wanted

Consistently recall key information and create a good impression

Being able to recall key information during a conversation, meeting or presentation is a characteristic of successful people. In contrast to common belief, good memory is not exclusive to a fortunate few; anyone can use memory training to develop their full potential.

This course is for anyone who:

  • Wants or needs to create a good impression with their ability to remember facts, figures or anything else.
  • Feels that their memory sometimes lets them down.
  • Needs to be confident that they will recall what they need, when they need it.

Key outcomes and benefits

This practical memory training course will show you practical strategies for boosting your memory which you can apply anywhere. Don’t struggle through life with a bad memory – learn how to harness its incredible power! This course will share with you some of the key strategies used by the world’s leading memorists, enabling you to remember – and recall – with ease.

Remember more – never forget facts, figures, a name or a face ever again.

Improve knowledge management – dramatically improve your learning effectiveness.

Memorise what you need to say – deliver presentations without notes.

Course Overview

Intensive half day course – 90 minute workshop also available

This practical course includes:

  • Memory Problems– understanding how and why we forget is an essential first step in knowing what we need to change.
  • Memory Principles and Rhythms– insight into the different types of memory, how it works and how to remember during and after learning.
  • Practical Strategies– techniques for developing the ability to remember whatever you need to remember, when you need to remember it.
  • Names and Faces– impress with your ability to recall names and faces.

“Toby managed to make it fun, interesting and worthwhile”

Mason Hayes & Curran