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Practical Thinking for

Project Success Course

Learn tools to help you to contribute to, or manage, projects successfully

An essential toolkit for anyone looking for fresh insights and approaches to the planning process.

Project management can be challenging and for a project to succeed it is essential to have clarity on your required outcomes You also need to have a deep understanding of the processes involved in achieving it, and have techniques that enable you to anticipate future challenges and prepare for them.

This course will generate awareness of current thinking styles, and provide fresh insights and new ideas for planning projects and for successful project management and involvement. It is for anyone whose job involves project planning, implementation and execution.

Key outcomes and benefits

  • Develop greater self-awareness; understand current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Better planning, management, facilitation and execution of projects.
  • Enhanced identification of dependencies and potential pitfalls and improved related problem solving skills.

Note – This course is NOT a PRINCE 2 style project management course that focuses on a particular methodology. It IS a course full of practical ways to improve the management of and participation in, projects. Make an enquiry.

Course Overview

1 day in-house that can be tailored to specific requirements

Clear thinking about projects

  • Gain clarity on what a project is; outcome, design, implementation and evaluation.

Your current style of thinking

  • Gain clarity on what a project is; outcome, design, implementation and evaluation.

Outcomes and objective setting

  • Explore the importance of getting really clear objectives.

Thinking tools for projects
Learn how to use a variety of tools that will help to:

  • Broaden thinking, communicate more effectively, see both the detail and the big picture.

Strategies for overcoming challenges

  • Tools to understand problems more fully and techniques to improve problem solving and decision making.

Delegates will identify projects to work on throughout the day and this will help:

  • Explore the application of the tools and techniques.
  • Bring the learning to life and make it practical.
  • Enhance the confidence to use the learning back in the work place.