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Read Faster,

Understand Better,

Remember More

The Effective Speed Reading course is not just about learning to speed read.

Carve out time whilst staying on top of all the information

The course is aimed at anyone who:

  • Suffers from information overload – too much to read and not enough time in which to read it.
  • Needs to be able adapt their reading to the material they are reading and the reasons they are reading it.
  • Needs to spend their time well – maximising understanding and retention.

In short, this speed reading course is for anyone who needs to carve out as much time as possible for productive activities whilst staying on top of all the information that their roles requires them to master. We have been teaching speed reading courses to professionals for over 20 years. As you would expect, we are very confident that these skills, when taught by experienced specialists, will treble your reading speed and save you many hours and a great deal of frustration.

Key outcomes and benefits

Save time – read much faster, saving time and avoiding wasted effort.

Enhance confidence – which comes from knowing that you are as well-informed as you can be.

Reduce stress – information overload is a major cause of stress and will become a thing of the past.

Speed Reading Course Overview

Compact 1 day course with half day and 90 minute options

This highly practical course, taught by one of the UK’s leading speed reading experts, rapidly teaches you the essential skills you need to master speed reading:

  • How the eye works.
  • Assessment of reading speed and comprehension.
  • A range of practical techniques to increase reading speed.
  • of reading.
  • Memory principles.
  • The reading environment.
  • How to practice so that you carry on improving after the course.

Improved my reading by 50%

London Borough of Camden